YOU are the blank canvas, your own Rainbow coloured masterpiece at the end of the run. Dress wild in white, be creative and fire your imagination to be a unique rainbow runner, we’ll help you adding the colour to your day, your week and maybe even your existence, as you jog, walk and dance your way around the course embracing and enjoying the rhythms of the Rainbow Run…with our Rainbow Colour Wizards encasing you in a rainbow of colours.

    See our FAQ’s for specific answers relating to how the Rainbow Runs are staged.

    Running with colour events worldwide are SELLING OUT FAST…

    Enter Early to avoid disappointment. 

    How Does it Work
    Dress wild in white, we’ll add the colour to your day, your week and maybe even your existence, as you jog, walk and dance your way around the course with our Rainbow Colour Wizards encasing you in a rainbow of colours, embracing and enjoying the rhythms of the Rainbow Run…
    After a Rainbow colour barrage, your outlook on life is sure to change, all will be brighter, life will be colourful and the world will take on a new perspective… but be sure to pin or post your personal rainbow colour pics, and embrace the new colourful you.… miss this event and your life will be just shades of grey…

  • Run Details

    RUN DISTANCE: 4/5km

    A FULL Event Guide with all pre- run and run day information will be forwarded to all Rainbow Runners, and will also be available on the Rainbow Runs website and Facebook page closer to run day.


    TO BE CONFIRMED. Register Now for updates closer to the event. 

    Pre Registration and run packet pickup will be available on the days prior to the event follow FB and the website for details, and if not sold out prior run day Registration may be available.

    More than just a run …Rainbow runs are a PARTY

    8:00 am                Rainbow Party Zone: Opens

    9:00 am                 Party Start Time    

    9:30 am                 Run Start Waves Begin  

    10:00 am               Rainbow finish Party Commences

    1:00 pm                 Rainbow Run Event …Closes for 2014.     

    The Rainbow Run Party will commence at 8.00am on the Sunday with funky dance beats and entertainment to get you in the mood, with the run starts staggered at time intervals to ensure that all Rainbow Runners can “chase their own Rainbow”….at each of the Rainbow Colour Zones.

    So don’t panic if you miss the start everyone will get the chance to “chase their own rainbow”.

    Rainbow Runs are very FAMILY Friendly, as such Rainbow Runs provide a FAMILY ENTRY Fee including mum, dad and up to 2 children, but we unfortunately don’t include the family “pooch” to be part of the Rainbow Run… so please leave your dog at home.

    We will provide you with a Rainbow Runner t’shirt with your entry, which is your blank canvas at the start, we will also provide Colour Wizard “blowers” at the Rainbow run “Clean Up Zone” to remove any unwanted colour, but we suggest you have a back-up Tee and seat cover for the journey home.

    You will be supplied 2 Rainbow Run colour sachets as part of your entry, these will be provided to you at the end of the run so that you can join in the Rainbow Run colour party and colour throw extravaganza… EXTRA colour can be purchased at the Rainbow Run Merchandise Zone to add to your personal Masterpiece… 

    Rainbow colour runners across the globe often choose to wear ‘sunnies’ and a bandana when passing through Colour Zones, not a bad idea, especially if running with children. 

    Water will be provided at the end of the run, and traditional post event refreshments (coffee – Rainbow cup cakes – BBQ) will be on offer to either get your morning started or to satisfy the post run and party munchies.

    Non running family and friends are most welcome to join in all the pre and post run fun and activities, but BE prepared to be Rainbow Coloured if you do decide to join in.

  • Description



    First in registration

    $45.00 (individual)


    First in Family

    $120.00 (2 adults, 2 kids)



    $50.00 (individual)



    $135.00 (2 adults, 2 kids)


    If it ain't sold out

    $55.00 (On the day)



    Don’t wish to, or can’t Run but don’t want to miss being part of the fun, become a Rainbow Run Volunteer or Colour Wizard.  As a Charity support event Volunteers assist greatly with the staging of the Rainbow Runs. We require valued volunteers in our event management and if you really want to be in the middle of the action, volunteer as a Colour Wizard and become part of the Colour Teams and get to colour all Rainbow Runners. Volunteer Here!