Do I need to be a runner or have a level of fitness?

NO… all you need is the ability to enjoy yourself and have FUN, DANCE & PARTY.

There is NO time limit for the course, but best not to miss the Rainbow Colour Explosion(s) at the finish.

Can I get extra Rainbow Colours?

You get 1 bag of Rainbow Colour at the end of the event

You can buy extra Rainbow Colour when you enter...we send you vouchers to collect on the day OR

You can buy Rainbow Colour at the festival site

Are we Timing the Rainbow Runs?

Why... you have the time of your life no need to put a clock on it. The Rainbow Run is NOT a timed event.... Just FUN...

To spread the large numbers out throughout the course we will stagger the starts so that every Rainbow Runner (jogger / walker) can embrace the party atmosphere and work on your personal masterpeice at each Colour Zone.

How does a Rainbow Family / Team / Group work?


Family Entry: (family 2+2)... Select Family Registration and follow the directions. You CAN add extra family members (to a total of 10) if you wish.

Groups /Teams: The first person in the Team/Group creates your team and then registers as an individual.

ALL your Team or Group members can then join and build to unlimited numbers.

Can I bring the Rainbow Kid and Stroller?

Rainbow Kids under 5yrs are most welcome and can join in the fun at NO Fee. Strollers are also welcome, preferably with a cover for junior inside... but be prepared to have the FUNkiest rainbow coloured stroller at the end.

Can I run with the family pet?

NO fur Allowed....., the 'Rainbow Run' is NOT for them... NO DOGS or PETS please.

Are there any Age limits?

There are no top or bottom age limits to be a Rainbow Runner.

Rainbow Run Packs & Pick-up?

Run packs will be available for pick-up at designated sites within your city in the day(s) before the event.

These locations will be notified on the specific run location page leading up to event day or emailed directly to you, Or keep up to date with Facebook... we will let you know.

Do I have to pick up my run pack personally?

NO. Just fill out and print the Pick Up Waiver on the city location information page and the nominated person can pick up your Rainbow pack for you.

White clothing dress regulations ?

Yep you gotta be in white the fun police will be out. Everyone wears mostly white; tops especially, shorts, skirts, tu-tu's all look much FUNkier in white. Team/family/group logo's are permitted. WHITE Rules. .....Be careful the cops are out there and they only like to see you in white.

How do we get coloured?

Ever had a flour fight... that's it...we spray or throw it, throughout the course, we blow it in the air, spray or squirt it from bottles. Nothing hurts, nothing, but a rainbow of colour for you to walk, jog or stroll through. Rainbow Runs provide multiple Colour Zones, and a rainbow of colour at each Zone. At the finish, you will receive your colour sachets, or purchase extra from our Colour Wizard shop, and let the party really begin.

What effect will it have on my clothes and shoes?

The Rainbow colour 'may' wash out, but we do suggest that you don't wear your very best, yep it's a good send off for the old bridal dress. We suggest you wear something to keep as a trophy rather than your best designer outfit. Maybe a spare tee or top for the trip home would be advisable, but with many Rainbow events the colour FUN continues around town long after the run party finishes.

Is the Colour Safe?

The Rainbow colour product is food grade maize starch with Australian Standards dry food colouring and is gluten free and 100% safe.

Should you wish to add some eye protection some Rainbow Runners do wear glasses or goggles, avaialable at the colour wizard shop, while a bandana or mask will help with anyone with any breathing related problems.

How do I get clean ?

Cleaning Wizards with massive Air blowers will be in the cleaning zone and will remove most excess colour.

If your car is precious get some seat covers for the trip home.

What is the Rainbow Run Colourama?

Rainbow colour throws will be scheduled approximately every 10mins after the finish. You get your own sachet of colour, plus more packs and premium mega colour bottles will be available for purchase from the Rainbow Colour Wizard shop. Go for it, get down, throw colour and embrace the spirit of the 'Rainbow Run'. The party will continue with some of the best local DJ's providing a music blast, with kids activities, and a Colourama Finale with a mass colour throw, and explosive colour from above.

Are Spectators welcome at the post run party?

ALL are welcome, but don't forget to mention that Rainbow colour does not discriminate. Come to the party, but be prepared to be Rainbow coloured.

What about Refunds & Transfers?

Due to large runner numbers and international event logistics REFUNDS and OFFICIAL TRANSFERS are NOT available. But, in the spirit of FUNki fun please feel free to pass your entry on to a friend and please join us at the event, and / or post run party even if you are unable to run on the day. Join in the FUN and Party.