Rainbow Running is HERE... ARE YOU READY to Run with Colour??

Get out of your chair and get your colour on, the international "Rainbow Runs" bring more than just a splash of colour to your run for fun. Blending Indian colour, with reggae rhythms, South American salsa and "Gangnam Style" funk, the Rainbow Runs are a fun filled, colour and music blast, bringing a whole new dimension to Run for Fun.


Dating back 100's of years the Indian "Holi" Festival of Colours featuring the spraying/throwing of colour onto people dressed in white, symbolizing a universal brotherhood with colour merging all classes, creeds, ages and sexes. The celebration of colours is one of India's most boisterous festivals celebrated with FULL zeal and enthusiasm.
An international phenomenon with Sold Out events worldwide Rainbow Running is here, or coming to your city soon. Enter as an individual, or in an unlimited number group/team, get the whole family, street, uni friends, FB friends, work or club colleagues together and Register early to avoid disappointment....and lets raise some big bucks for Charity.
Dress wild in white, we'll add the colour to your day, your week and maybe even your existence, as you jog, walk and dance your way around the course with our Rainbow Colour Wizards encasing you in a rainbow of colours, embracing and enjoying the rhythms of the Rainbow Run.
After a Rainbow colour barrage, your outlook on life is sure to change, all will be brighter, life will be colourful and the world will take on a new perspective...but be sure to pin or post your personal rainbow colour pics, and embrace the new colourful you.... miss this event and your life will be just shades of grey...

Rainbow Running is here?

The ultimate Run and Party with colour, for all peeps , joggers, walkers or never thought you would do this type of event in your life, all ages, size, and speeds.... FUN, HAPPINESS, DANCE , PARTY & THROWING COLOUR is the objective. YOU are the blank canvas, your own colour masterpiece colour blend is the end result.
We throw Colour at you...can you handle that?

During the run, we throw colour at YOU…..at the end YOU throw colour with everyone….as you party with some of Australia’s hottest DJ’s and entertainers, and enjoy the RAINBOW experience. 


Get in your WHITE gear (Tu-tu/ bridal dresses, whatever) a touch of rainbow, if you wish.


we provide you with your personal blank canvas, a Rainbow Run T'shirt, plus a course full of colour , We have Rainbow Colour Wizards throughout the course, who create a rainbow of colour, sprayed, squirted & thrown to add to the Rainbow masterpiece which is YOU.... entertainment, music, festival colour throws, plus colour, colour and more colour.


lr free spirit take over and indulge in your own festival of colour joined by 1000's doing the same......go wild and embrace the rainbow colour experience.


All Rainbow Runs are held at centrally located venues in your city, providing either free parking (where possible) or easy public transport access.

Rainbow Runs are planned around easy to achieve 5km courses, but may be marginally less at some venues. Check each venue Map for exact distances. 




... col. your own unique canvas almost complete.... It's time to dance and party. More Colour: as a bonus you get your own sachets of colour to join in creating a multi 1000's mass colour explosion finale. Dance, party, share and colour blast yourself and your friends....lay in the colour, play in the colour or make yourself a colour angel pattern whatever you want.


Thow it don't Eat it
Its safe..... its colourful....if you get it in your mouth its edible (but not advisable).....
Its Corn Starch, with food colouring additive...100% certified, safe and Gluten free.


Get READY and get in EARLY as the "Rainbow Runs" fill up fast...and it's not cool to say sorry you can't get in.
Check out the Rainbow Map for a "Rainbow Run" near you.
On-line Entry for Individuals, Families and Teams/Groups. Feel free to create your own Team or Group with as many members as you like, no limits.

BE QUICK...BE EARLY....and BE prepared to be Rainbow Coloured.